The Boys of Summer: Gbenga Akinnagbe (ok…Chris!)

Yes ladies. The Boys of Summer are back with another look at a man that has already shown his muscle, and has the mind to back it up. During the reign of The Wire, most girls were going crazy over Wee-bay (Hassan Johnson) or getting their cougar on over Michael (Tristan Wilds), but Chris (Gbenga) held it down in a way that you can’t quite describe. Yes, he’d kill you in an instant but he may be inclined to discuss politics with you first—and then shoot you in the head. Damn I miss that show.
Our girl Angela Cravens caught up with the multi-disciplined thespian recently to chat it up about charity work, smooching with Laura Linney and co-starring with Denzel Washington. And he’s a Naija/DC boy too? I think I’m in love. Read now.


[Photo by Kevin Amato]

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