The Greatest Love of All

I’m such a sap. I love a great How We Met story.
Today’s post is from the XY factor. He’s got some interesting advice. Let me know what you think in the comments. Thanks for this this, babe!! (I woke up this morning with nothing to write.) And for anyone who has a great story (about anything) to share, give me some comments!

Jimmy “the computer guy” at my job recently told me the story of how he and his wife met.

It all began with his fellow tech head, Brian, going to the janky deli down the block for lunch one day and seeing this amazing woman. Brian struck up a conversation with her. As men often do, Brian told Jimmy about the amazing woman. Jimmy took the story for what it was and left it at that.

Brian, who often frequented the janky deli every now and again, happened to see the amazing woman a couple of times too after Jimmy had told him about her. He was mesmerized, but he never said anything.

One day Brian and Jimmy happened to go out for lunch at the same time–something they rarely ever did–and decided to go to that same janky deli. And guess who happened to be there that particular day?

Yup, the amazing woman.

Jimmy asked Brian to make the introduction.

A few days later, Brian was headed off for vacation for two weeks. But before he left, Jimmy asked Brian if it was alright for him (Jimmy) to approach the amazing woman. Brian gave the green light, and by time he came back from vacation Jimmy and the amazing woman were an item. Seven years later they’re married with children and in martrimonial bliss.

See, that right there is a great story and I feel that great couples should have equally endearing tales of courtship. “I met your mother on MySpace’ or “I fell in love in this cluuuubbb with your daddy” are just not the Hallmark moments I aspire for. They don’t have the same je ne sais quoi as a great story like Jimmy’s. You want to be able to inspire your offspring with the idea of romance and destiny. Sure, they may not find it easily, but at least it gives them hope and something to strive for.

Think about all the great couples you know, and more than likely they have some great story of how they met or finally got together. One of my good friends met his wife at a Kevin Powell Christmas party. As cliche as it sounds, they saw each other from across the room and kept on making eye contact. Finally, SHE approached him (sometimes you gotta take fate into your own hands) and they struck up a conversation. Numbers were exchanged and a genuine friendship was born.

Being single, of course my boy had other lady friends, but there was something special about this one. He never pressed up on her or made any sexual advances, he just enjoyed her company. This budding frienship remained in that space until months later when he finally mustered up the courage to kiss her. “What took you so long,” she sighed.

From that moment on they were unseperable. From first kiss to girlfriend to fiancee to wife to mother to home owner to the greatest love of all. If you’re searching for a greater love than what you’ve come across so far, perhaps you should first focus on making a great story.

Sincerely yours,

The XY Factor


Are you one-half of a great couple? What’s your great story?


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