Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince: THROWBACK!

Yes, it’s time to break out the best summer song in the whole world, “Summertime.” I can’t WAIT to re-enact the BBQ/eating/dancing portion of this video this weekend with JBakes and Mahogs! SO excited. This probably happens everywhere but in the Bay, our radio station KMEL would play “Summertime” when the jocks thought summer had officially began. But because northern California’s weather can fool you into thinking it’s summer when it’s still spring, the DJ’s would retract their “Summertime” spins…and break it out about two days later. This would go on for as long as the weather flip-flopped from sunny to rainy, lol. Aw, I miss home.

What’s your “Summertime” story?

-Steely D says HAPPY THREE DAY WEEKEND if you’re in the US

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