Tracy Emin: TMI or Total Art?

I am always intrigued by women who are great at “over-sharing” when it comes to their personal/sex lives. Sometimes I do it, but it almost seems unnatural. I am left cringing for a few hours (or days depending on the content). However, some women do it so well it becomes an art form.

Perfect example: Tracy Emin—I am a little embarrassed to say that I’ve only learned about her a few hours ago via an article in the Guardian. The piece revealed that her upcoming retrospective exhibition 20 Years at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art will be PG-16. Emin got major notice with a piece titled Everyone I Have Slept With 1963 to 1995, a tent embroidered with the names of people assumed to have shared a bed with the artist since birth when it showcased at Charles Saatchi’s Sensation exhibition at the Royal Academy in ’97. Sadly that work will not show in the 20 Years, since it has since been destroyed in the fire at the Momart warehouse. However, an exhibit called My Bed (pict’d) —which I find even more cringeworthy/intriquiging— features Emin’s actual tussled bed, complete with stained panties and condoms, will show alongside a number of neons, paintings, films and prints from Emin’s notorious career.

So I have found my week’s obsession and will be googling the s*** out of Tracy Emin for a few days to get caught up.

But it’s your time to weigh in ladies. Do you think this show is going to be as badass as I do? And more importantly, Is there such a thing as TMI in art?

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