Afternoon Tea 8.11.08

The world has a new Guitar Hero err hero.  His name is Chris Chike, a 17-year-old star athlete from Rochester Minnesota who’s recent title as the Guinness Book of World Records top Guitar Hero player could change the way we see “the typical gamer” forever.  {NYTimes}

Bolivia’s President Evo Morales seems like an alright dude.  He’s the country’s very first indigenous president and he used to be a coca leaf farmer.  Morales just got re-elected after a recall vote last night and says he’s got plans for his peeps, like land redistribution.  {Guardian}

So, not sure if any one’s heard this s**t already or not. So Nikki Blonsky from Hairspray’s dad Carl Blonsky beat down Bianca Golden’s (America’s Next Top Model) mother Elaine Golden in the Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands airport when Elaine moved Nikki’s camp’s luggage so that she could sit down.  Well it was a big fight and both sides got loose but Elaine got beat so badly she had to get airlifted to a hospital in Miami and Carl Blonsky, Nikki’s pops, is stuck in jail and was just denied bail. Oh and get this, Blonsky is a sewage plant worker with a clean criminal record.  Ummm did anyone else watch the Sopranos!?? waste management! {Caribbean Net News}

OK come on now!  Marimekko for Avon!? {NYLON}

Bobbi saw radiohead live for the first time in her life on Saturday and cried.  Yep. Not ashamed to admit that a tear was shed.

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    From the NYTIMES:

    “This event, in turn, caught the attention of the Ant Commandos, makers of video game hardware in Ontario, Calif., which struck an agreement (negotiated by Ms. Knowlton-Chike) for Chris to be its public face. He now lends his gaming expertise to design sessions for a forthcoming line of Guitar Hero controllers, and his café au lait looks — he is the son of a white mother and a black father — to advertisements and packaging for Ant Commandos products.

    “Internally we call him our Tiger Woods,” said Raymond Yow, the company’s chief operating officer.”