Afternoon Tea 8.12.08

Do you wish you were a wealthy fashion designer who iconicised the wrap dress after re-inventing your life post-divorce, became the Council of Fashion Designers of America president and now jet sets all over the world to relax and to find new inspiration. Well, no we don’t know how you can do that. But you can read about someone who has/is. Diane von Furstenberg is going to be writing about her glamorous travels for Departures Magazine beginning in the Nov/Dec issue. Fabulous! {fashionista} {WWD}

A 20-year-old Tokyo man, dressed in a Winnie-the-Pooh costume, at midnight, got pissed at two people who were staring at him. So he “attacked and robbed” them. Oh bother! {Globe and Mail}

More and more we see that Raul Castro may be Fidel’s baby brother but Fidel doesn’t rule his life. As the political climate begins to shift in Cuba, so are the jails and a recent report stated that fewer “dissidents” have been jailed within the last six months. …hm {BBC

Can’t afford to climb Machu Pichu this spring, but you’re desperate for a South American vacations that’s packed with adventure. Look to Peru’s neighbor Bolivia for a cheap thrill or the ride of your life on Death Road. I am so adding it to my SA tour next year! {}

Russia’s President Dmitry Medvedev has chosen to end the country’s military operations in Georgia just like that said BBC. But shit keeps going down says the Guardian. Very sneaky. {Guardian}

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