Afternoon Tea 8.19.08

The Japanese government is taking a closer look at the iPod Nano to check for a battery defect. The investigation was triggered by March reports of the music player overheating and “shooting sparks.” I can has new iPod? {BBC}

Russia and Georgia are exchanging prisoners now. So weird. I had no idea that they still did that prisoner of war stuff. I think I’d like to stay in my bubble a little while longer. {Guardian}

Everyone’s pretty shocked and amazed at Usain Bolt’s 9.69 100 Meter that he ran in Saturday, shattering his own world record. Some say he may break Michael Johnson’s 12-year-old 200 Meeter record of 19.32 seconds. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. {NYTimes}

Forget Milan, New York and Japan. Avril Lavigne is ‘too sexy’ for Malaysia, ‘too sexy’ for Malaysia. Poor pussy cat. {MTV}

—Bobbi watched Intervention In Depth last night when the show visited “Meth Mountain,” a small town in Alamaba where the drug is running rampant. I had been waiting for this episode for a whole damn week! I thought they were going to invade a meth house and arrest some dude for cooking meth and rescue people from a burning house after a meth explosion. But that s**t never happened. It was still one of the best episodes of Intervention I’ve seen though.

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