Afternoon Tea 8.20.08

If you’ve been reading AT lately, it’s pretty obvious that I’m a big Usain Bolt (Jamaican sprinter) fan. Well, he’s ran the 200 meter today and broke the US’s Michael Johnson’s 19.32 second record, running the race in 19.30. Whoyooooooy! {NYTimes}

More news from JA—apparently Beenie Man got pissed at Capleton for not showing up to perform at the “Beenie Sizzle” event, after Beenie had done the damn thing at Cape’s “A St. Mary Mi Come From” show. But Capleton explained that his brother went missing, so Beenie apologized, Cape’s bro turned up and the two are down again. All’s well that ends well. {yardflex}

If you think about it political drama is just like relationship drama. The US “gets around” so hooking up with Poland was inevitable. After some chit chat, Poland agreed to let the US stash its eh-em missiles on Polish soil. Now, Russia, especially since the US has been all up on their grill lately over Georgia,  has “warned” that the missile base “could become a target for a nuclear strike.” You gonna take that from Russia US? DRAMA! {BBC}

The saxophonist from Dave Mathews Band, LeRoi Moore died yesterday following his suffering injuries in an ATV crash on his VA farm on June 30. I know a whole heap of folks in their late 20s to mid 30s are sad today. Our sympathies go out to you folks, the other members of DMB and to Moore’s peeps. {E!}

—Bobbi’s morning got off to a rough start this AM… No internet makes bobs very angry. But all good now! Love you P-fam.

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