Afternoon Tea 8.21.08

If you’re as fascinated by Patti Smith as I am then you’re psyched to watch an up close & personal documentary on the punk icon, Patti Smith: Dream of Life (with 11 years of footage, courtesy of Directory Steven Sebring). {NYLON}

The UK’s security service is under a little fire for plotting the “unlawful detention” of an Ethiopian terror suspect, Binyam Mohamed, being held in Guantanamo Bay. Mohamed, who could face the death penalty if convicted of a terror offense, claims he was tortured in Pakistan and Morocco and then sent to G-Bay. Obviously, not cool man. Not cool…SMH. {Guardian}

A US-based Tibetan activist group compiled an album of protest songs and placed them on iTunes. The result: Olympic athletes downloaded the album, China got PO’d, China blocked iTunes. Hope you backed up your music files Wen Li. {Guardian}

Just how cost effective that “One Less” HPV vaccine anyway? Hm… {Jeze}

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