Afternoon Tea 8.25.08

Seems like trouble just a follow reggae veteran Eek a Mouse. First, he got kicked off of the Carifest C.A.R.E.S. (which got canceled) show for talking smack about white reggae artists and now he’s being accused of rape and kidnapping. {Yard Flex}

Israel released 198 Palestinian prisoners in the West Bank today. The longest serving prisoner had been locked up since 1977. I Wonder what Said al-Atabeh, 57, thinks of home these days. {Globe and Mail}

Sometimes I mourn the fact that I’m chillin’ over here when everyone seems to be having so much fun over there, just across the pond. The Guardian’s got the scoop on the Leeds festival, that featured Queens of the Stone Age, Jeffrey Lewis, Rage Against the Machine and Tenacious D. {Guardian}

I know EVERYone thinks the Hills’ Lauren is a Drama Queen, but I can’t help but hate on her media whore ex-bff Heidi Montag. Honey’s got a new music video where she “revisits” dance movies like Saturday Night Fever and Flashdance. Um Heidi, it’s been done before. {E!}

Every Sunday the Times Inspires me to go somewhere else. Now I can add Namibia to my long list of potential journeys.

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