Afternoon Tea 8.26.08

It’s safe to say that Barack Obama is way more than just a presidential candidate. He’s a pop-culture icon at this point. After visiting the Manifest Hope exhibition in Denver, Co. that brought together hundreds of artists’ Obama inspired work, the Guardian’s calling him an “icon of hope.” Peep the video on the whole thing. It’s exciting, yet sort of eerie.{Guardian}
You know how people say, “everything you do on the Internet gets recorded.” Then you get paranoid about whether your boss is going to know that you’ve been reading your favorite sex blogger while you’re at work, not to mention that you also watched the Meg White sex video a few times to see if it was really her. Well Microsoft says that they can help you out if your IT guy is not too savvy. The new Internet Explorer will have a privacy option that allows users to “limit how much information is recorded about where they go online and what they do.” {BBC}
It really sucks when no one wants you around, but that’s what happens when you molest little girls Gary Glitter! After his release from a Vietnamese prison, the ex-pop star turned child molester has tried to go to Thailand and China and both countries basically told him to eff off. {Globe and Mail}
Am I the last to know about Da Brat getting locked up? Homegirl was just sentenced to three years for assaulting waitress (read: bottling a chic in the FACE- Steels of Lightening…), Shayla Stevens, last October. Damn dude. {theybf}

—Bobbi got into Montreal at 10:30PM last night. First meal: Chinese food. Pics to come.

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