Afternoon Tea 8.27.08

It seems Gary Glitter is the least of Thailand’s problems. Thousands of anti-government protesters faced off with police, blockading the Prime Minister’s office on Tuesday. Protesters are calling the blockade the “final push” to “unseat the government of PM Samak Sundaravej.” {NYTimes}

While Steely reflected on the Michael Jackson zipper-jacket era this morning, MJ’s been reflecting on an era oohh 250 years ago. Jackson is teaming up with I’m A Celebrity contestant David Gest to put music to the words of famed Scottish writer Robert Burns’ poetry. {Guardian}

Is R. Kelly into scamming people out of their dough now. Say it ain’t so man. Apparently a South African Woman went raised $130,000 from investors by saying she was “raising funds for an R. Kelly concert.” Authorities found a deposit slip that shows that she deposited the money into Kelly’s bank account, but he says he has no knowledge of the scam. That’s right man. Just deny it…. {E!}

And apparently Tara Reid stayed sober long enough to tell someone to design a skanky clothing line with her name on it. It’s called Mantra. Hmm I wonder what Tara’s mantra is… “Get F**ked up!”{Perez Hilton}

—Slow news day. Sorry Ladies. Loves Ya still.

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