Afternoon Tea 8.28.08

What’s that you say? Hello Kitty is back! Urban Outfittersand Sanrio hooked up to make twelve HK Blind Boxes—crazy kitties with warped designs wrapped tight in red boxes—for $8. Sounds Fabulous! I am getting one for my roommate Julie. {NYLON}

Yale University’s School of Art and Architecture just underwent some serious restoration to take it back to it’s original state. Turns out the building designed by Paul Rudolph was a “masterpiece of Late Modernism.” {NYTimes}

A UK man was given a sentence of 11 years to life for converting fake guns into real ones. The guns have been linked to 52 shootings. I had no idea that one could even do that. Just when you thought it was safe folks. {Guardian}

At least 2.5 Million people in India are Marooned due to the crazy monsoon downpour that hit villages last week bursting the Kosi river banks. Folks are floating around on boats with no where to go. Damn. {Al Jazeera}

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