Afternoon Tea 8.29.09


Michael Jackson is 50 y’all!  When did that happen.  We don’t even know, but Guardian’s got 50 photos to celebrate Mike’s 50th.  Also check out the 50 fun facts about Jacko to improve your cocktail party conversations, like this one: “Michael Jackson filed a patent application for the ‘lean forward a bit’ dance moves displayed in the Smooth Criminal video.”  {}

McCain picked a chick as a running mate and every one’s pretty surprised.  Sara Palin, 44, is Alaska’s first female Governor and is relatively new to America’s political arena. She’s anti-abortion, anti same-sex marriage, and a long time member of the NRA.  Commenters claim this is a move to snag Hillary’s “disaffected supporters” and to put a youthful face to the Republican campaign. {Guardian}

After the big blowout that Russia and Georgia had, we knew a breakup was inevitable.  Georgia officially “cut diplomatic ties with Russia,” even after Russia swallowed his pride and recognized the independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia.  Of course that was after Russia inflicted some serious domestic abuse on Georgia. This is one nasty breakup girl. {BBC}

I believe that creativity flourishes in times of recession and war, like right now and in the 60’s and 70’s.  NYC’s Museum of Modern Art explores this creativity in their “Looking at Music” exhibition that celebrates the creative experimentalism of musicians from that era, from John Lennon facial expressions in Yoko Ono’s  “Film No. 5” to David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” video. I wonder what they’re going to put on display about our generation?  {NYTimes}

—Sorry so late girls.  But cut me some slack cuz it’s Friday y’all… and it’s my mom’s birthday.  If your in the US, enjoy your long beautiful weekend.  If not, enjoy your weekend none the less. xoxo

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