Afternoon Tea 8.5.08

I love Calvin Klein ads. They always make you so uncomfortable. You’ve suddenly got to take a cigarette break or go have a cold shower. CK’s latest TV ad for new fragrance Secret Obsession with Eva Mendes (my secret obsession) is so f**king hot. Which is why the bad cops, US broadcast networks have banned the commercial and cable networks are showing an edited version. {E! Online}

You know how people say the NY mob is so over. “They’re all in Canada now,” they say. Well they could be on to something. The FBI just arrested John Gotti Jr. at his Long Island, NY home on federal conspiracy charges that have him on three murders. If he’ll slide this time, I think he better think about joining his homies accross the border. {BBC}

The Mary-Kate Olsen – Heath Ledger saga continues. MK says she’s not talking to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) unless they grant her immunity about the super strong painkillers that caused Heath’s death. Surprise, surprise Mary-Kate is/was on drugs. {BBC}

This is effed up. Documents have been released that show the “behind-the-scenes interventions” by the US and other world leaders to block $146 million in Inter-American Development Bank approved loans to Haiti. Apparently they wanted the loans to coincide with some “unrelated” political agenda. {Caribbean Net News}

—Bobbi is excited for this week. Deadly Dragon Sound on Wednesday, Tapes n’ Tapes on Thursday, All Points West fest on Saturday! And other undisclosed awesome parties in between!

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