Afternoon Tea 8.8.2008

I used to think I was a big sneaker head. Then I movd to New York and realized I ain’t s**t. But Reebok and Hasbro’s latest babies, a series of Monopoly sneakers, is sorta the s**t. {Fashionista}

17000 Chinese have chosen today, the kick off of the Beijing Olympics, as their wedding date, as a cool way to commemorate the historic day and to bring some good luck into their relationships. Congratulations lovers. {NYTimes}

John McCain’s ads are always so sleazy dude. His latest ad called “Praising John McCain” is a compilation of Hillary Clinton’s slurs at Obama during the Democratic Primaries. Peep the Script for the ad on {NY Daily News}

So some girls who really kiss girls and boys who kiss boys too are pissed at Katy Perry for her songs “I kissed a Girl” and “UR so Gay” (a song about her boyfriend “acting gay”), because she’s making light of homosexuality. WTF Katy! {Guardian}

—The weekend poked it’s cute little head into my doorway and I’ve already got this party started.(FTR, I love Katy’s “Ur so gay” – HILARIOUS. – Steely D)

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