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Bolt of Pride

When it’s the football (soccer) World Cup, I’m always caught in a bit of a dilemma. Do I hang an English or Jamaican flag outside my house? It’s a conundrum that’s lasted for many many years (and got even worse when my Italian flatmate moved in).

Then came the Olympics. I’m not really a huge fan, it kinda bores me to tears (I mean seriously, how on earth can “dressage” be an Olympic sport?). And Team Great Britain never really do that well anyway…. usually it’s a bit of an embarrassment. And then there’s Jamaica – the birth country of my parents – they never usually make a huge splash on proceedings. So in terms of flags, I just didn’t bother this year.

Oh what a mistake that was. At the time of writing Team GB are third in the medals table. We even won medals in track and field! Now I know our medal haul isn’t as great as the USA, but let’s be honest your country’s about 30 times the size of ours – so technically you’ve got more people to choose from. And the same goes for China. We Brits are a small fish in a big pond by comparison!

But not as small a fish as Jamaica — who spawned the huge talent that is Usain Bolt. Never before have so many British born sons and daughters of Jamaican expats been talking about the country with such pride. They’ve got the JA flag as the background on their mobile phones, changed their profile pictures on Facebook to Usain, and my cousin’s even threatening to call his about-to-be-born son “Usain Bolt Henry”.

In fact, we all kinda wish we could afford the flight to JA and join in with the homecoming party. With all that Wray and Nephew on tap it’d be the most amazing boozed-up celebration.

So back to dilemma… Which flag did I choose in the end? Well it had to be a Jamaican flag. It’s now hanging on my front door. I couldn’t be prouder. And several rum and cokes have been drunk by my friends to congratulate JA’s new national treasure. But I just have one question, is Usain single, as it’s the question on the lips of all my girlfriends…. I mean – think of all that stamina.

—Miss London

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