Boys of Summer: Not Goodbye- Just See You Next Year…

Yup, it’s won’t be long now. The sun setting just a little earlier every day. That twinge of melancholy in the air. The taste for whiskey returning, displacing our affection for margaritas. Ladies, we hate to break this to you, but summer’s about wrapped up.
But what a long, strange trip it’s been. When we set out to bring you a weekly dose of young men who can lend a little enthusiasm to your Friday, we had no idea we’d be undertaking what was essentially a weekly blind date. The illuminating rat-a-tat convos we fell into with our Boys—hitting on relationships, politics, and everything in between—gave us a glimpse into the mind of the modern man. We also think we may have fallen a little bit in love with each guy, from Lloyd giving us a healthy ribbing when we quizzed him about his dating habits to Rey Valentin opening up about being raised by a single mother.
So in appreciation of our dudes, we’ve extended Boys of Summer to our roster of Parlour Girls, asking them to each pick a BOS who they feel represents the summer of 2008. What emerges is a collection of dudes (and more than one repeat—synchronicity!) who each lend an individual sense of style, smarts, and, well, stamina.
Check them out here, and tell us—who’s your BOS?

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