From Obama vs. Ludacris to Rock The (Bells) Salty Balls

It’s no secret that we here at Parlour love Jay Smooth’s insightful vlogs about the goings on in hip-hop and today, he’s posted a great one on that Ludacris song that presidential hopeful Barack Obama had to disassociate himself from.

Plus…here, here and here are MissInfo’s wrap-ups from Rock the Bells Salty Balls. Mahogs and I aren’t really going to post on it because that thing was the worst clusterfuck we’ve attended in a long time. We almost drove back to civilization (read: Brooklyn) from Jones Beach Theater (read: BFE) at least a good five times due to sheer frustration. Then we talked to Murs, ate a few hot dogs (no sexual) and calmed down. Still, the show is now rechristened Rock The Bells Salty Balls. Honorable mentions: Mos was dope, Meth and Red were dope, Nas + Jay-Z was cool, and Ghostface is still the tallest official Wu-tang member, barring Cappadonna.

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