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Gavin and Stacey

What’s occuring? You have to say that with a Welsh accent for it to be amusing, and, also be a fan of UK hit show, Gavin and Stacey. The second series recently finished over here, and picked up loads British Comedy Awards in the process. It’s a hilarious program based on the growing love affair between a boy from London, and a girl from Barry Island (Wales).

But it’ll only having have you rolling around your living room in hysterics if you get the British humor— which is why I’m not so sure it’ll “translate” when it crosses the pond (it’s being remade by NBC for US audiences, who’re putting the characters in New Jersey and South Carolina).

I remember being in New York last year and having a huge discussion/argument with my friend Craig about the joys of British humor. We sat and watched the Catherine Tate show on BBC America, I was laughing my arse off, he wasn’t. The whole scenario made me look like some deranged Brit (trust me it wasn’t the look I was going for, he’s kinda cute).

US remakes of UK sitcoms rarely work to be honest, because of the difference in humor (our game shows seem to work though — Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and Weakest Link). But there are a few notable exceptions like The Office. However — the wry, dry humour of which we Brits are famous just isn’t there. *Sigh*

So I fear for the future of the remake of Gavin and Stacey. If you get a chance catch the original series. It premieres on BBC America on August 26. In the meantime watch a clip here.

As for the remake, I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

—Miss London

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