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Germany’s Holiday: Joy Denalane

I popped to Germany for a few days last week, drank a few too many bottles of German beer but it was wonderful.

The English relationship with the Germans is a weird one… it goes all the way back to the Second World War, carried on when England beat Germany in the Football World Cup in 1966, and continues with beach towels. Yep, beach towels.

The thing is, go to any holiday resort with a pool in Europe and you’re guaranteed that by the time you manage to get yourself out of bed (in a hungover stupor), the German contigent has already bagged all the pool-side sun loungers by putting their towels on them by 8am. Trust me, it’s not a sweeping generalization. Even my German cousin Michelle recalls her dad once waking her up at 6am to place their towels on the good spots. It means that the English end up way at the back by the food hut. Sooooo annoying!

It’s a story that creeps up in the newspapers over here every summer without fail — it’s a long running joke. The latest involves an English famliy suing their holiday company because their hotel in Spain was full of too many Germans (apparently), and they couldn’t understand the language. They claim this meant their holiday was ruined. The English are hysterical sometimes.

So anyway — I got to listen to some pretty cool German albums courtesy of my cousin. I don’t speak the language so don’t understand a word, but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy it. One of my favourites was a lady called Joy Denalane. I’ve got her 2006 English album Born and Raised, but have never heard her German language 2002 album Mamani … and it was so nice I bought a copy. It’s now my “cooking album” — so the thing I listen to full blast while creating something magical in the kitchen. Yum.

So take a look at the video for “Geh Jetzt,” from the Mamani album.

Then listen to her track “Let Go” from her English album.


—Miss London

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