Gettin’ Grown

Wow! Thank you to my commenters on last week’s post. Everyone should have a blog with diverse and wise and caring enough readers to sit and analyze their personal problems. This could put psychiatrists out of business, for real. I guess TLA an AB hybrid, isn’t he? Like Santa said to the talking M&M’s (ya’ll remember that commercial?) “They do exist!”

TLA and I had an hour long conversation (about nothing) at 4AM this morning. He gets home from work around that time, and he’s always too wired to go to sleep. On weekends, I’ve been setting my alarm so I can wake up and talk to him. There are few things I cherish in life more than my sleep, especially since my job is crazy right now. To willingly interrupt my sleep just to talk on the phone says something. I like this dude. A LOT.

I definitely want to do this.

I guess that means I have to woman up and act like it, huh?

I won’t become the perfect exclusive friend overnight. But I accept that I am a work in PROGRESS, not a work of perfection.

I’ll keep growing. Thanks for making sure I go in the right direction. 🙂

Oh, and next time I’m blissed out and can’t be bothered, I’m taking your advice. (That could have avoided all of this.)


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