Good Morning(!) Coffee: 8.4.08

The government wants to take away menthol cigarettes! Black people everywhere are SHOOK…first New Edition breaks up and now this? This is Black history. And yes, some are crying racism. {NYTimes}

Going to Italy soon? Don’t be surprised to see military troops everywhere-it’s the country’s answer to dropping crime in top tourists cities. Hmm, wonder what they are doing about crime in the REST of the country? {BBC}

Nobel prize winner and Soviet dissident writer, Alexander Solzhenitsyn has died. Alexander is known for revealing the truth about Stalin’s labor camps to the world. {LaTimes}

Over in the UK, parents of fat children will be getting letters…telling them that teir kids are overweight. Just in case they haven’t seen their kids lately…or something. {Telegraph}

Speaking of kids, how much are your kiddie pictures worth? Brad and Angelina got 14 million for theirs. Wow. {People}

Since I told you about One Day As A Lion, i’ve been back on my Zack dela Rocha love hump. The man (and the band!) brought the ruckus in Chicago over the weekend-literally. {MTV}

JBaker is on her last day of seclusion in a coastal city far, far away. Do I miss NYC? No. Did I miss you guys. YES!

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