HOMEGIRL: Timeless

I did a big girl move two months ago, I paid off two credit cards and my student loan. You have no idea how good it feels to say that. I have waited for this day since May 2000. I still held the same balance on one card from a summer I spent in NYC for an internship and couldn’t find a job thereafter and had to use it for groceries. Can you imagine the interest paid on those groceries?

But I have now done what I said I would not do. I have begun to use one of my credit cards again. What did I use it for you ask? Well, furniture for my new digs. I gained an extra 334 square feet in my new place, so I need to fill the space. Not everything from my old place goes well in my new spot. The walls are already painted, so I need to find things that match. These are the lies I have been telling myself -excuses to spend money, and clearly money I don’t have if I am using a credit card.

But what I am doing is called investing. The older I get, the more my mother has been telling me the need to buy “pieces that will stand the test of time.” After my grandparents passed away, my mother and her siblings fought over who was getting what piece of their furniture or memorabilia. There were a lot of things that you could call junk, but even more that remain in wonderful condition. For example, the dining room table that sat five kids and two adults every night since the 1960s or the credenza that was a wedding gift to my grandparents- one that held REAL crystal and china. My mother has some pieces herself. The claw foot desk that looks regal in any setting or the original black artwork that ends up missing from her house after my trips home.

So, as it stands, I have purchased two timeless pieces. Earlier this summer, I bought an entertainment wall unit made in China from ABC Carpet & Home that I’d been eyeing for over one year. The timing was right, and it looks better than I could have imagined in my new place. Three weeks ago, I purchased a beautiful desk from Pottery Barn. I had no plans of buying anything of this magnitude now (especially after the wall unit), but the look on my mother’s face when we saw it, I knew I needed to add the desk to my timeless piece collection.

I am not married and when I do wed, I am sure we will build a wealth of possessions that we will be able to pass down to our children. Until then, I will continue to collect my pieces, one by one, credit transaction by credit transaction.


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