Kwame Kilpatrick Goes to the Clink

So…remember when I had a breakdown and just had to BREAK DOWN the Kwame Kilpatrick drama? The city was in shock and we were all up in arms. Well it looks like Judge Ronald Giles isn’t having it either. Giles has sent Detroit Pimp Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick to the jail after Kwame made an unauthorized trip to Windsor (Canada) on city business. Normally, a trip to Canada is ok…except when you are out on bond and have been told not to leave the city…or the country for that matter. Says the Detroit Free Press:

“Last month, Giles put new restrictions on Kilpatrick’s travel after Wayne County law enforcement officials accused him of assaulting them as they tried to serve a subpoena. The judge also revoked the mayor’s personal recognizance bond and required him to post $7,500 cash to remain free.”

Kilpatrick said that he had been living under extreme pressure and was going to Windsor for a city business emergency. When asked what the emergency was and who was dying, his lawyer said “The City of Detroit was sick,” and that Kilpatrick was going to Windsor to save a $75 million deal. Wow. I guess anything is better than saying “the dog ate my homework,” but really? He blamed it on the city! I love it. Wait, question—why is he STILL the mayor? Oh how my head hurts…read the rest for yourself.


Judge orders Kilpatrick to jail Detroit Free Press

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