(Late)Afternoon Tea: 8.4.08

Morgan Freeman got into a car accident. Driving along Highway 32 in Mississippi, Freeman’s car “skidded off the road and flipped several times.” I’m a little shook y’all. It kind of feels like my dad’s cousin Frank was in a crash and is now seriously injured. {Guardian}

The brand Calvin Klein is turning 40 in September!! But don’t worry; you don’t have to get CK anything. Instead the iconic brand is giving NYC a friggin’ building designed by John Pawson (Madison Ave Calvin Klein store). {NYLON}

Who isn’t being accused of corruption these days? I don’t know. But I’ll tell you who is—South Africa’s ruling party (ANC) leader Jacob Zuma and a lot of South Africans ain’t havin’ it. Apparently, hundreds of people showed their support for Zuma with an overnight vigil in front of a Pietermeritzburg courthouse where Zuma would appear today. {Al Jazeera}

OK so I’m not one to talk, so you didn’t hear this from me… But the folks at Fashionista said that some one from Hearst said that the mega publishing house just bought GQ from rival mega publishing house Conde Nast and are planning on announcing the purchase manana. Ooh Girrl! {Fashionista}

Has anyone head this sad story about a young (22-year-old) mom who didn’t report that her two-year-old daughter was missing for 31 days!! Mom’s in jail for negligence and her bail is set at half a million bucks while the cops search for clues. {Fox News}

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