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London’s Notting Hill Carnival

So for the first time in five years I actually went to the Notting Hill Carnival without having to work. So no radio microphone or television camera in front of me, I could actually enjoy being a punter (US = regular person). It’s the biggest street parade in Europe and never fails to disappoint.

The event goes over two days, and over a million people turn up on the streets of West London to drink a likkle beer, partake in a spot of jerk chicken and smoke a piece a….well you know what I mean.

If you ever wanted to see the diversity of people that live in this city then carnival is the place to be. The food stands, the music, the floats – everything reflects the vast cultures we have here. I was salsa dancing one minute, turned the corner and found myself reconstructing the “rolex sweep” dance with my sister and thousands of others, next thing I know I’m in the middle of soulful house heaven at the Good Times stage – then I was on the main route with my body grinding away with the others to some soca classics. (Yes — I’m still getting over the hangover)

There was the odd fight, and the police dived in. But with so many people in one small area s**t is gonna happen. But on a lighter note every time trouble did start all the boys and girls got their camera phones out and started filming, then promptly put the footage on Youtube (I mean really, do they think the police don’t look there for evidence?!)

London’s hosting the Olympics in 2012…. If they can replicate the atmosphere of carnival then it truly will be an amazing event. For two days Londoners forgot the knife crime and the credit crunch – and just opened up many many many cans of Red Stripe and partied all day and all night. Now you can’t get better than that.

(p.s. The Rolex Sweep and Wearing My Rolex are two of the biggest club tunes in the UK right now, check them out on youtube if you can!)

Notting Hill Carnival excerpts

Wiley- Wearing My Rolex

Skepta- “Rolex Sweep”- (Says Steely: it’s like the macarena with champagne and watches, lol…)

—Miss London

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