Make Beats Not War

True story. I was on the A train to Manhattan last Friday and witnessed the dumbest argument/fight ever between one woman who refused to speak english and another who refused to just shut up. I never appreciated my ipod more than that day. Times like this make having a digital distraction so important, which is why when I read about this new iphone application, Beatmaker, I was instantly excited.
In addition to the gazillion other applications being cranked out to capitalize on iphone-mania, Intua has recently released this program that according to them is “the first music creation studio for the iPhone and iPod Touch.” Beatmaker features live patter recording, song sequencing, and a 16 sample trigger pad for doing everything else. After you are done, you can save and then export your piece to another music program, or your own music library. Perfect for when that Frank Sinatra X Crime Mob mashup idea hits you when you are on the road!


Beatmaker by Intua

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