Michelle Obama x Claire Huxtable

Mahogs and I are convinced that America (and maybe the rest of the world- French Kissed? Miss London?) has fallen in love with Michelle Obama because she’s been here before. Mrs. Obama bares a striking resemblance to a TV icon many Americans grew up loving and- if we’re honest with ourselves- after whom most men in our age bracket fashion their dream woman. That’s right, Michelle = Claire (Hanks) Huxtable.

From the cute well-behaved kids, her consistent ability to look flawless and even her law degree and history at a big name Chicago law firm, Michelle IS the successful black woman who’s been able to strike a loving balance between career and family without breaking a sweat. Now, maybe she breaks down every once and awhile, grabs a cosmo and passes out, but we’ll probably never see that side of her and frankly- I don’t want to. I want to keep my dream of her perfection going. So here’s to the new Claire Huxtable!

Do you agree? If you missed her glory, watch her amazing Democratic National Convention speech after the jump.

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