Morning Coffee 8.11.08

Right after we barely absorbed Bernie Mac’s untimely death, we hear that Isaac Hayes has also passed. What a weekend. **pours out a lil’ liqour** [AP]

Zimbabwe update: Former? president Mugabe isn’t leaving so he and opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai have agreed to share power. Mugabe as president and Tsvangirai as prime minister. Do you think this is going to work? It’s like if Obama and Clinton split…wait, no. This just sounds like a coup waiting to happen. [Guardian]

In other news, Steely D is extremely disappointed in John Edwards. I liked him as Jimmy Carter pt. 2 but the infidelity is tarnishing his perfect hair and southern manners. Not to mention, him stepping out while his wife was suffering with cancer only makes it sound worse. So, am I wrong for still liking Edwards? [Gawker]

Here’s a funny post on weaves…the photo of Beyonce sporting a lace front weave is kinda scary though. [ATCN]

Mainstream America is finally realizing the greatness of Claire Huxtable Michelle Obama. [LAT]

I’m not quite clear on exactly what’s going on in Georgia vs. Russia. All I know is both countries have spent months baiting each other to be violent, and Russia (the bigger country) finally invaded South Ossetia (a portion of Georgia). Now the powers that be are contemplating translating these actions into 2008’s cold war as US pres Bush chastised Russia for essentially picking on the little guy. Thoughts? [WashPo] [AP]

It’s Monday…pass the earl gray. According to my boys Mick Boogie & Eskay, Kanye’s producing the bulk Jay’s next album, “The  Blueprint 3″…I’m not surprised and the rest of “Jockin’ Jay-Z” is coming to a computer near you soon. Now if only I could get another Maxwell track... -Steels Magnolia

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