Morning Coffee 8.13.08

My boyfriend, Benicio Del Toro is showing his film, Che, during the New York City Film Festival at Lincoln Center, Sept 26- Oct 12. [NYMag]

Bullet Bullet!!! for Latina giving Alice Braga their cover. Though they’re a bit late, I mean, City of God came out hella long ago, I still give the Latina team props. As such, here are a bunch of Latina musicians you don’t know about but should…[Latina]

Denied! says South African President Thabo Mbeki to Zimbabwe’s recent power division between Mugabe and breakaway opposition leader Arthur Mutambara- not Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) leader Morgan Tsvangirai. Thank God someone read the fine print. This is a movie! Who’s writing the screenplay…no, seriously. [BBC]

Beyonce is still lighter in her L’Oreal ads given to Essence Mag than she was in her mainstream advertising circles…check for yourself. [Jeze]

Steely is HELLA tired from that VIBE Mag party last night. No more Doug E Fresh…please! My brain is melting…Save me like Aretha Franklin.

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