Morning Coffee 8.14.08

You know what I hate to see while I’m traveling through another country? Common American businesses like 7-11 in the middle of places like Madrid, Spain. It’s almost defeating. Why leave the US to hit up the corner store for a slurpee? Anyway, Wal-Mart is on the way to Brazil. **pours out a lil’ liquor** [BBC]

US pres Bush sent Condelezza and a collection of troops to Georgia to oversee the “vigorous and ongoing” humanitarian mission in Russia. Hm… [NYT]

The chairman of the Arkansas Democratic Party, Bill Gwatney, was fatally shot in his office in Little Rock yesterday morning. the shooter died in a car chase with the police, no motive was identified. crazy. [IHT]

Though I’m cursing whoever decided to hold the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, (just TOO many problems) the swimmer Michael Phelps is a wonder to watch. He eats about 12,000 calories per day (most of us eat 2000), his arm span is approximately 6’7″ (longer than the length of his body, which is weird since that’s supposed to be equal to your height) and he’s winning left and right. Oh yeah, Wayne’s “I’m Me” is his prep song. [Guardian]

And to wash all that global ruckus down with, here are 14 wines GQ’s Alan Richman says we must try RIGHT NOW **pulls out two ikea glasses** Join me? I’m starting with the Baltos. [GQ]

Again, Steely D is crazy tired but I saw The Lion King on Broadway last night and it was dope! It’s also the most people of color I think I’ve ever seen in one show barring Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and In The Heights, both of which I recommend. Happy Thursday!

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