Morning Coffee 8.21.08

Kate Moss’ cover story in Interview Magazine finally hit shelves, touting plenty of pics of her topless and talking about how she looked hungry in the 90s. The entire interview in the link…wonder what Pete Dogherty thinks of it… [F]

RIP LeRoi Moore of Dave Matthews Band- aka the blackest white college frat boy band ever. You know of the five members, only two were white right? Yeah, DMB was BLACK. So we here at Parlour are pouring out a bit of liquor for late saxophone player and band co-founder LeRoi Moore, who passed on Tuesday. My boy said after Bernie Mac and Issac Hayes, a third death was soon to follow. But DMB had a show in LA where the group played a “healing” set. [MTV]

How gangster is this: Russia wrote it’s OWN ceasefire agreement, which was signed by Moscow and Tbilisi, Georgia. Initially, the French submitted another treaty detailing that the Russian troops must pull out of Georgia, but Moscow rejected that text and penned it’s own. Wow. [BBC]

U.S. Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones, five-term representative of the 11th Congressional District in Ohio, died Wednesday after suffering a burst brain aneurysm. So sad…but read her good works on the link. [PD]

Soooo…it’s Thursday, which means it’s almost Friday and I’m soooo excited and soooo tired. But thank God for house music to keep those fingers tapping quickly on the keyboard right? Steely D’s fave vintage DMB jam after the jump. I think i’m ready to hang out in another country…Amsterdam? I’ve never been there- suggestions please ladies!!!

“Crash Into Me”- peep how cool LeRoi is with the sunglasses, lol…

Spoon ft Alanis Morisette

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