Morning Coffee 8.25.08

Looks like Barack’s aides are encouraging the presidential hopeful to address his shortcomings head on during the four-day Democratic National Convention, which begins today in Denver. I wonder whether he and Vice President-hopeful Joe Biden will wear complimenting outfits like they did last week. [NYT]

My fave Notebook actress Rachel McAdams talks about her new film, The Lucky Ones. They’ve made her look goth/high-fashion in the photos, don’t know if I like it. Also, if she gets to make out with Ryan Gosling AND Michael “My Crash crush” Peña- I may have to jump her. [NYTMag]

The clusterfuck known as the Olympics are over. Is it just me or does it seem like the festivities flew by? Go Michael Phelps and Usian “I’ll have my own flags at NYC’s West Indian Day Parade” Bolt! Looks like London gets the party in 2012… [USAToday] [USAToday2]

US troops may be able to leave Iraq by 2011…do you believe this prediction? **gas face** [BBC]

**Plus GAS WENT DOWN NATIONALLY BY 15 CENTS IN THE LAST TWO WEEKS…says [USAToday] JBakes thinks the over-priced gas is somehow less effective in her tank…perhaps this will make her trust her petrol a bit more. Lol…

Happy Monday, ladies. Let’s endeavor to make it a bang-up week!

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