Morning Coffee 8.26.08

Remember when Shakira, during her tour, displayed an elaborate puppet show depicting US President Bush as evil? Well, Madge is doing the same thing with Republican Presidential hopeful, McCain, except this time, no puppets. Just Hitler comparisons. [MTV]

Meanwhile, Daddy Yankee is PRO MCCAIN. Why Yankee, Why?!?! [CSM]

ZIMBABWE THIS WEEK: So a member of the opposition party (MDC) won the speaker of Parliment position against former President Mugabe’s will and by a slim vote. A vote so slim, that the victory really means someone from Mugabe’s own Zanu-PF party voted for MDC. I expect either a disappearance of bloodbath to follow. [BBC]

Russia says “Ehn, who needed NATO anyway?!” Hm…remember what I said before. [Guardian]

After that Whole Foods scare…Candians are afraid of their sandwich meat. [Reuters]

image via Rolling Stone

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