Morning Coffee 8.27.08

America has denounced Russia officially for recognizing Georgia’s enemies-“breakaway provinces of South Ossetia and Abkhazia as independent states.” Russia also says it’s ready for a new cold war. My question is can the US AFFORD another war, cold or otherwise. Me thinks not. [BBC1] [BBC2]

ZIMBABWE UPDATE: Mugabe was heckled during a recent government presentation. “You killed people, we won’t forget that,” shouted his hecklers, while Mr Mugabe listed government achievements. Comedy. Did Mugabe really think he was going to kill most of his opponents, swindle the presidency and everyone would endure quietly? [BBC]

Dr. Dre’s son, Andre Young Jr., 20, passed on Saturday night. Dr. Dre’s wife found her son dead in his Los Angeles’ home. The cause of death is unknown and Parlour prayers go out to the legend and his family. No one wants to outlive their children. [MTV]

Are you worried about your money’s security if your bank succumbs to the recession? For the most part, your money is insured even if a bank closes it’s doors. However, click the link for frequently asked questions. Time to grow up financially, ladies- myself included **finally returns that overdue call to my financial advisor** [CNNMoney]

Remember Michael Jackson’s leather jacket from the Bad album cover? Yeah, well, zippers are BACK! [Fashionista]

zippers, that’s kinda scary. It’s HUMP DAY though towards a three-day weekend. Oh yeah!

An aid worker looks on as residents wait for humanitarian aid distributed from a bus in Gori,
northwest of the Georgian capital Tbilisi, on Sunday.
(Darko Bandic/Associated Press)

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