Morning Coffee 8.28.08

In case you missed Bill Clinton’s Democratic National Convention Speech like me, here you go. Thoughts about folks clapping so hard that he could barely begin? Also- can Hillary save the Democratic party from her sour supporters– no offense if Hills was your candidate.

How much do you love Facebook? Enough to go see a movie about it’s founders? Well, they’re writing one…with the guy behind West Wing. [BBC]

New Orleans residents may be told to evacuate their city soon- officials are keeping a close eye on Hurricane Gustav brewing in the West Indies. If you have any family down there, call them. [ABC]

Interesting, Brazil and Argentina react differently to the world’s rising food costs. Both countries are equally South America’s largest food sources and Brazilian farmers have been subsidized to grow more food and export their products. On the other hand, Argentina’s farmers grow more but keep their products in the country to combat high food costs at home. Who’s right? [NYT]

Sorry I’m late ladies! One more work day until the US three day weekend! YES!!!

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