Morning Coffee 8.29.08

Barack Obama rocked the DNC last night-of course…what did you think? [BBC]

Lilo hates her dad and proves it with an angry MySpace blog. [USAToday]

Three lawyers are refusing testify against Detroit pimp Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. Kilpatrick’s lawyer says this could break her defense in the Mayor’s court hearings for felonies stemming – loosely- for sleeping with his chief of staff and plotting to get a few folks fired. Messy. [NYT]

Democratic Vice Presidential hopeful Joe Biden may be suspect. His family’s hedge fund deals seemed to have benefited from his voting record…hm. Am I supposed to be surprised? [LAT]

MGMT- the most rando band ever, kinda– is performing at the Prps show during fashion week- think we can sneak in Bakes? [Fashionista]

Happy fucking Friday- Steely Friggin D

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