Morning Coffee 8.5.08

The Brits think The Dark Knight is too “disturbing.” While I agree that the flick is a bit of a mind bender, I’ll never side with the MAN. Especially since the film keeps raking in the box office dough on this side of the pond. Sorry Miss London Party. [BBC] [MTV]

Despite this overturned charge of molestation, it does raise suspicion around this Harlem pastor, Wallace Harris. I thought this was primarily another denomination’s issue? Hmm… [NYD]

South African President Thabo Mbeki says that he didn’t accept German bribes for an arms deal. Believe him? [BBC]

Rasha, an Arab American living in Brooklyn, shares her experiences after her fam is jailed following 9/11. “She’s fine-boned, with features as brittle and hard as porcelain: If you drop her, she’ll break, but she’ll cut you, too.” We like her already. [NYMag]

Anybody need an intern? Vera Wang does…me personally? I’m not working for anyone crowned the new Martha Stewart. Her namesake went to jail and I’m not going down for sheets and a few wedding dresses. [Fashionista]

Hi ladies. I missed you all terribly, and on the heels of suffering through Rock the Bells Salty Balls, I was threatening to go Anna Wintour if the site wasn’t back together for you all this week. Believe me? “No, no…that wasn’t a question.” =0)

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