Morning Coffee 8.6.08

ESSENCE‘s September cover features the Obama’s and it’s startlingly similar to a vintage Kennedy’s pose. Gawker takes a look, it’s interesting. I don’t know about you but I really can’t get enough of the Obama’s…no, really. Which is why I heart this EBONY Michelle cover. She is Claire Huxtable realized. [GKR]

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton is hitting the campaign trail in support of Obama. Never thought I’d see the day… [Guardian]

Lauryn Hill’s babies’ father, Rohan Marley, told People that she’s still recording while her manager says she’s on hiatus. Meanwhile in SPIN, D’Angelo’s manager blames the “Cruisin'” singer’s implosion of objectification. D’Angelo couldn’t take being viewed as a piece of meat after that “How Does It Feel” video and cracked up. Thoughts, ladies? [XXL] [SPIN]

Are you a victim of credit card or identity theft? Well, the Feds sweeping arrest of 11 people who are accused of nicking over “40 MILLION credit-card and debit-card numbers obtained from several major U.S. retailers” may be your culprits. [CNN]

I come to you guilty this morning family. I have listened to R.Kelly’s new album, “12 Play 4th Quarter,” and I have enjoyed it…and I am ashamed family! Ashamed! But seriously, this LP is FIRE. SMH…I feel just like I did after his sex mixtape (because there were like 8 different vignettes on that tape) broke and then “Ignitionhit the radio- tortured because I know that regardless of what the courts say he’s a pedophile but dammit if he doesn’t make some mean sex songs. **hangs head**

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