Morning Coffee 8.7.08

Brangelina’s twins have finally shown their cute little button faces! I tried to fight it but they’re quite good looking for newborns. Don’t know about the $14 million Brangelina were paid for the photos but…[Roar]

Just when you thought Plies (aka Steely D and Jbakes’ crush- that’s right, we share) was gone- BOOM! – another chic song. “Please Excuse My Hands” looks to be the DJ Khaled of R&B songs with Keyshia Cole, Jamie “where the hell have you been?” Foxx and Dream on the hook. And, no, I don’t like it. [MTV]

WAIT! The possible ring leader of that $40 MILLION in credit card theft is federal informant, Albert “Segvev” Gonzalez. That’s rich. [BBC]

So…earlier this week, Morgan Freeman suffers a car crash and is airlifted to the hospital. Then Steely D turns on Wendy Williams (the source of ALL things truthful) and hears that Morgie was busy with his jump-off when the crash occurred and that jumpee wanted to hang a ride to the hospital in the heli but was told to stay behind. Steely thinks, “Oh, Wendy.” Then I see that Morgie is filing for divorce from his wife of 24 years. You be the judge. [NYD]

bin Laden’s driver has been convicted of war crimes, Bush is attacking China for their human rights violations and Zimbabwe is calling for peace. My questions? Where’s bin Laden, Why did we have the Olympics in Beijing and now this country is seaching for solace? SMH. [Guardian1] [Guardian2] [BBC]

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