Morning Coffee 8.8.08

HA! Yesterday I saw Beyonce’s new L’Oreal campaign ad and thought, “she’s two seconds away from J.Lo in that “Baby I Love You” video where everything was the same color (read: light).” Then blogs cried skin lightening, and now L’Oreal says that they didn’t lighten her skin. I think they just lightened her hair to match her skin (or vice versa) and that always makes people look odd. Thoughts? [AP]

I know I harp on Zimbabwe, but the news just keeps coming. Now a child rights activist has shared with the country’s delegates that the AIDS rate will likely rise after the current political strife since rape is a common form of torture. Sigh. [VOA]

While I don’t quite understand, it seems like face “puffing” is all the rage in Hollywood. Madonna is the best example of this with her new cheeks. I don’t condone plastic surgery, but if you are into it- here’s the latest trend. [NYMag]

Have you heard about Superhead’s ex Bill Mahr’s new documentary, Religulous? He essentially walks around and makes fun of everyone’s religion. I think it will be most interesting if someone beats him up off-camera for “talking about their Jesus.” [LAT]

Sad face. Apparently my favorite crazy Village Voice sex columnist, Dan Savage, has a double standard about bisexuality. Men aren’t bi, didn’t you know? Oh and Dan says that vaginas are scary. Go figure a gay man thinks that. lol… [Jeze]

And because it’s such a trainwreck… [Bossip]

So yesterday I heard Jeezy’s “The Recession” album and it made me want to drink an entire bottle of Patron and wake up next to someone whose name I don’t recall while I wonder why my hair smells like blaze…Oops, did I say that out loud? Suffice to say it’s really good and he even has a ladies song, “Taking It There” ft Trey Songz, that I actually like! I had a whole list of rappers that aren’t allowed to rhyme about sex and Jeezy was DEFINITELY a nominee. Maybe I should reconsider? Anyway, get ready for your bf and male besties to play it on repeat…I know I probably will. -Steely

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