New Jay-Z (you’re welcome!)

So yesterday, I had to speak to Jay’s camp about something and found out that Kanye had been in the studio with Hovy Hov in Hawaii. Apparently, Mr. West gave Hov at least seven to eight beats that are on par with “Encore” (which is my theme song when I either quit a gig….or get fired, lol). Then Ye brings out Jay during his NYC Glow In The Dark tour last night and performed, what I guess we’re calling, “Jockin’ Jay-Z.” Sooooooooooo, like American Gangster and Kingdom Come, I’m expecting a Blueprint 3 release around Thanksgiving-Christmas? But wait, didn’t most people say Blueprint 2 was a pile of hot bricks? Why is Jay naming his final Def Jam album A Pile of Hot Bricks 3 Blueprint 3? Hm…Download the track here. I like his Oasis drop– “Today is gonna be the day that I’m gonna throw it back to you.” LOL! Oh Hov, God bless him. Thoughts, ladies?

Thanks OS & Nation

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