On The Pill? You Are So Evil.

(don’t you LOVE this picture?)

Well, we don’t think so, but some do. Actually, the Bush Administration does..so blame them. George is really trying to clean up on his way out! According to this gem we found on the Wall Street Journal’s website:

The Bush Administration has ignited a furor with a proposed definition of pregnancy that has the effect of classifying some of the most widely used methods of contraception as abortion.

A draft regulation, still being revised and debated, treats most birth-control pills and intrauterine devices as abortion because they can work by preventing fertilized eggs from implanting in the uterus. The regulation considers that destroying “the life of a human being.

Wow. So the pill=abortion? You mean to tell me that the YAZ commercial gets on Bush’s nerves just as much as mine—really, who talks like that? She makes me want to push her off the roof. Moving on…

If this bill passes, access to the pill, along with other contraception methods would be restricted…leading us back to the “Brenda’s Got A Baby” days…which most of us would rather forget. Barack Obama is against of the proposal along with the rest of sensible America, but John McCain is remaining silent on the issue as expected…he’s got a rep to protect and all.

Crazy, right? It gets worse as you read…I’m in a rush (in the airport!) so I can’t do a blow-by-blow so read the rest for yourself here.

-JBaker is too lazy to take the pill, but somehow remembers to eat a bially with butter and jelly everyday. Carbs over contraception!

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