Overheard in the Spa…

And you thought your hairdresser was the only loudmouth. I’m a facial fanatic and am always jumping from one spa in New York to the next (there are SO many). As you can imagine, I’ve heard some interesting stuff.

“Try putting relaxer on your eyebrows — one of my clients is a model and does it all the time.”-from my esthetician to me.

“Her skin is peeling like snake skin. She can’t see that?!” -one esthetician to another.

“You have acne and you’re giving facials. How does that look?” -a managerial looking woman to an esthetician.

“She’s all yours — she has stomach issues.” One esthetician to another.

What have you heard while wrapped in a towel and mentally imagining yourself on a beach somewhere when “spa talk” intrudes? Spill it!

—Mrs. Ayren
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