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Two British newlyweds were murdered in Antigua a couple of weeks ago. Catherine and Ben Mullany were on the last day of their honeymoon when they were shot in a burgulary at their apartment. Catherine died at the scene, Ben’s body was flown back to the UK. But his parents eventually turned off his life support. They’re both expected to be buried at the church where they got married in Wales.

Up until a few days ago the chief suspect was a man called Clarence “Cloud” James — he denies having anything to do with the murder. He was decribed as an islander who allegedly sold drugs to tourists and was a nuisance. However most of the “nuisance” claims came from British women who’d had sex with him on holiday. And there were quite a few. It was amazing the number of women who were desperate to sell their stories about dropping their knickers for the suspected murderer.

The number of British women who fly to the Caribbean for a spot of island loving is amazing. Especially older women. There are thousands who fly to the islands every year just for the purpose of shacking up with a Jamaican, Grenadian or Trini etc for a couple of weeks. To be honest most of the men they seem to choose I wouldn’t touch with a barge-pole. Especially Clarence “Cloud” James. To me he shouts STI. But to most English women he seems like a sexual god. Eugh.

It was a terrible crime and hopefully the police in Antigua find who did it. But as for the women who appear to have opened their legs for any islander offering weed. Shame on you.

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—Miss London

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