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Solange Impersonates Orphan Annie

I don’t know either.
Thanks TGJ

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  • krankin

    Hate the boy, kinda feeling the song. Yeah—no one is more surprised than I.

  • Is it me or is the bow and entire outfit completely out of place with the background singers and band? I decided.. that this was a terrible kick off video for Ms. Knowles.

  • Hater University

    I agree Mahogs. She should be doing the throwback soul look or something more retro fashion forward…if that makes sense. The song is dope. But this look is kinda schizo. Kinda looks like she got a bagpipe on top of her head. If you think this look is crazy, wait till you see the album artwork.

  • Hater University

    BTW…this isn’t the official video for the single. The original is leaps and bounds better. Check here: