I’m a sports fanatic! I can’t help it, I’m extremely competitive, hate to lose and live for the spirit of competition. I actually almost shed a tear today when my three year-old son told me that he wants to play baseball, football, basketball, soccer and volleyball. With that said, this week has been GREAT! Normally wifey, doesn’t care for sports (as I’m typing this we are sitting on the couch watching Little Girl Lost on Lifetime- see I compromise), but the Olympics has brought us together.

To this day the ’08 Giants Super Bowl win has been the greatest sports moment I have ever witnessed, but damn if this Michael Phelps cat didn’t come close after he won his eighth Olympic Gold Medal for swimming this weekend.

Usually when I’m watching the Yankees, Giants or my beloved (yet dreadful) NY Knicks, the wife makes her self scarce, leaving me alone on the couch. Now, the me time is appreciated, but it would be nice to have someone to cheer with ya know?!? What’s not to love about sports? You want drama? How many women saw the Miguel Cotto fight a few weeks ago when the Puerto Rican boxer fought as hard as he possibly could, but still came up short against Antonio Margarito? How many of ya’ll witnessed the Giants take down the undefeated Patriots in this past Super Bowl? You can’t get that on Lifetime, I guarantee it. Still, I can’t front this Lifetime movie we’re watching right now is kinda fucked up. It’s about a chick who had her baby stolen (when everyone told her that her baby was dead), her marriage ripped apart only to find six years later that her daughter is still alive.

Well, actually I’m just buying time because Football season starts in about two weeks and either she is gonna join me on the couch or watch Lifetime on the small T.V. ’cause if she ain’t down I got my three year-old son to take her place!

-Al “Brooklyn” Bundy

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