Style Files: From Paris to Panties

Since style is natural and sharing is caring, below are some tidbits of news, musings and all-around “need-to-knows” for my fellow Parlourettes! – JBaker

GAP X Colette

Parisian uber-cool boutique Colette has teamed up with the Gap to open up a month-long pop-up shop at American designer’s NYC flagship store at 54th & 5th. The store will feature limited-edition items from artists & designers like ESPO, Longchamp, Claw Money and Comme des Garçons, as well as custom Gap pieces. Are you excited? Maybe your fervor will set in on September 6th, when the store sets to open, but hurry, it closes October 5th.

All Eyes on Argentina…
Let the games begin! Its Fashion Week in Buenos Aires!!! Aside from being one of my favorite cities, BA is home to some great designers like Ona Saez and Pablo Ramirez. BA Fashion Week runs from August 20th-23rd. Here is a secret—aside from giving the feeling of Paris in South America, BA’s seasons run opposite to ours and the exchange rate is still pretty great for the dollar, which means two things: Great. Shopping. Need I say more? BTW, did u see Argentina kick Brasil’s butt in football?

Aside from wine and cheese, something in life tend to age…including your underwear. Personally, my mother didn’t allow anything lacy/sheer/etc. until I was in high school. So I absolutely hope she never rests her eyes on this pair…which is being marketed to 8 years olds. Seriously! Says the start of the article:
“In April 2008 this year, the British supermarket giant Tesco was criticised for selling padded plunge-bras to girls as young as seven. This is not the first time Tesco has been berated for sourcing, marketing and retailing what is deemed as undesirable clothing and accessories to children. In 2006, the retail chain was forced to remove a children’s pole-dancing kit.”
I too, am speechless.

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