The Shop: Coordination is Key!

While lately most people strive to mismatch on purpose, I want to challenge you to try a uni-hue color story. The key is to keep it simple, one major piece in one shade of the same color. Now don’t go get a mushroom belt, mushroom vest and a mushroomed lined jacket…(i.e. John Witherspoon in Boomerang ) But do try a bold color head to toe. In this case, I chose a rich purple and put together a total look that won’t leave you a Barney look–a-like.

Nail polish “HuckleBuckle” by Essie, $8 available at
Shoes “Butterfly Shoes” by Marc Jacobs $895 available at
Sunglasses “Luxe” by Linda Farrow $625 available at
Purse by Marc Jacob Collection available at
T-shirt Dress by Vanessa Bruno $290 available at


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And just for giggles, here’s today’s cinematic inspiration. Enjoy!

“You Gotta Coordinate

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